Integrated Marketing – What The Heck Does That Mean?

To Put It Simply, It Means Awesome

In today’s world, certain words have become buzzwords and in some cases these words have either lost their intent or have gained confusion in the marketplace. A word that circulates our office that carries meaning with each of our team members but seems to get lost when we say it outside our four walls – integrated marketing agency.


What Does Integrated Marketing Mean?

Integrated marketing is when there is a unified approach to all aspects of marketing. It has the goal of providing a seamless experience to both internal and external parties. This means that when either employees or consumers interact with the brand on various platforms, they are getting a strong and consistent message each and every time.


What Are The Benefits of Hiring An Integrated Marketing Agency?

Hiring an integrated marketing agency has many advantages over working with various vendors or contractor workers to get marketing strategies created and implemented. Let’s put this into perspective, imagine having to keep a consistent brand image and voice across multiple people and across multiple applications – that’s nearly impossible! The best way to think about the success of doing that is to think about the game of telephone – that last message is not usually anywhere near what the original message was.

Let’s say your organization hires a freelance writer to create blog copy, contracts a junior graphic designer to create marketing pieces, partners with a video production company to produce a commercial and then takes on another agency to manage all your social media platforms. Who is responsible for making all these moving parts consistent? If you’re reading this then you’re probably the one with all this responsibility and oh boy, we applaud you for all your hard work. We know you’ll have to work with the designer to get the video production company what they need; edit the writer’s copy and then pass it to the social media management company for them to use and by the end of the day you have exhausted your time by being the middleman.

An integrated marketing agency allows an organization to have one source that has the ability to keep a holistic and cohesive approach to branding and marketing. This could mean taking the burden off of your shoulders and allowing one team to get the work done efficiently and effectively. Sounds pretty nice, right?


Do Only Large Organizations Need An Integrated Marketing Agency?

No. Organizations of all shapes and sizes should look into hiring an integrated marketing agency as the job of the agency is to create a tailored approach that fits the objectives of the organization. Just because an organization does not market across multiple platforms doesn’t mean they are not worthy of an integrated marketing solution managed by experts.


Is Centipede Digital An Integrated Marketing Agency?

Yes and proud to be one! At Centipede Digital, we provide the data scientists, designers, copywriters, social media experts, videographers, photographers and all the major marketing resources in-house. As a client, you get to work with a passionate team of experts who will dedicate time and effort into becoming an extension of your team.

Interested in learning more about how Centipede Digital, an integrated marketing agency can help you and your organization–contact us today!