How We Got to Where We Are

The Morganelli Agency® was born several years ago. Its founder, Tom Morganelli, came up with the idea when he would volunteer his time at the Dallas Entrepreneurial Center (Addison Treehouse) and work with entrepreneurs on their go-to-market strategy. Tom noticed that he would spend all this time helping build a roadmap for these start-ups and that they had no one place to go for their sales and marketing needs. The Morganelli Agency was created as a one-stop shop for businesses of all shapes and sizes to go to in order to get quality and effective support.

Over the years, we have encountered many businesses and have added several more services in order to fully support our clients in all aspects of sales and marketing. We couldn’t be prouder of the work we have done and happier with the clients we have. 

Why the change?
We’ve done some amazing things in the area of data analysis, tracking, consumer analysis, market research and conversions. And while we love us some data we still feel that there is a significant gap between sales and marketing that if left unchecked eventually leads to a toxic combination for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

With the name change comes our renewed focus on our analyze, stabilize and grow methodology. And the importance of ensuring that a solid sales and marketing foundation exists for our clients.

Centipede Digital is our approach to laser focusing on what got us here in the first place…while simplifying and differentiating our digital services in the marketplace. After all, centipedes are venomous and known for injecting paralyzing venom in their prey, which is very similar to what we do to our clients’ competitors when we enter a market!

How does this impact our current clients?
Other than invoices and credit card charge statements showing as Centipede Digital, our existing clients will continue to receive the same high level of support and services that the agency provides them for the foreseeable future. All current clients will be able to access Support, Billing and Automation from the support menu on the homepage at (Note: all bookmarked pages will no longer work so please go directly through to the webpage to access any content).  

How does this impact new clients?
New clients will need to be in of one of the following verticals: 





Consumer Goods


These new clients will have two options to work with the agency. The first of which is on a sales and marketing consultant basis and the second revolves around data driven analytics and the automation of customer’s experiences with brands that enable a near 1:1 communication via marketing automation and digital marketing strategies.

We will no longer provide the following services to new clients:

  • Complete Website Design; however, landing pages with integrated marketing automation will remain.
  • App or Software Development
  • Project-Based Creative Services – the agency will no longer be accepting one-off creative requests. However, our team will remain to support the creative needs of our retainer-based customers.
  • Media Buying – the agency will no longer provide pass through media buying. Clients will pay carriers directly; however, the agency will continue to negotiate on behalf of the client.
  • Non-contracted customer website hosting.
  • Free consultations (consultations will be billed at a standard hourly rate; however, if it results in a contract, the fee will be applied as a credit on the client’s account.)

Please join us in ushering a new era in sales and marketing strategies. 

Thank you, 
Tom Morganelli, CEO
Centipede Digital