If you have owned a business for a while or have read any marketing books you have certainly come across the notion that you should advertise when consumers are the most alert. For example, advertising at 6:30am is ideal because most people are having their cup of coffee and getting ready for the day. The concept behind this idea is that when consumers a bushy-eyed they are more readily available to understand an advertisement and take action. Now, this idea is not far-fetched and could ring true in certain circumstances; however, I want to share with you a different point of view on best times to advertise.

  • Picture an average consumer.
  • They get up.
  • Go to work.
  • Spend their day either on their feet or sitting at a desk.
  • Throughout the day, they could be dealing with personal or professional relationships.
  • Then they finish work and head back home.
  • They sit in traffic or perhaps fight for a seat on the train/bus.
  • They finally arrive home.
  • They may be greeted by chaos (i.e. two toddlers and a spouse who had just as long of a day).
  • They eat dinner.
  • They sit on the couch to watch some TV and flip through their phone.
  • They go to sleep.
  • Then the next day starts all over again.

What if I told you that the average consumer is mentally and physically exhausted at the end of their normal day? I think you can probably relate! Now what if I told you that if you were to advertise to that consumer when they are depleted they are more likely to see your ad and take action on an advertisement? I know, you think I’m crazy, but hear me out!

After a long day of dealing with work, relationships, personal health, etc. a person is drained. When they get to sit for a minute and choose to use their time to sift through Facebook, Instagram, Google, Blogs, or TV they already have the mindset that they have used a ton of brain power and so when they land on an ad their mind has already told them they have done the research to get to know you. They are more likely to make a decision about your brand, product or service.

Don’t believe me? Well here is a real-life example for you to digest! I got home from a ten-hour work day and after making dinner, bathing my toddler and putting my two children to sleep, I was drained. I sat on my couch and started sifting through Instagram. I stopped on an ad, clicked the “Learn More” button and signed up to receive more information on the product. I turned to my husband and said you should check out this product and shared the ad with him. He clicked and read about the product. In my head, I had done ‘enough’ research and was more inclined to learn more about the product.

Next time you get home from a long day and you’re sifting through your TV channels or social media sites, think about how many times an advertisement catches your attention. If you’re looking to start marketing your brand or product on social media, contact us today.