With everything that has been going on this past month, we wanted to take a moment to introduce you to a new team member that joined us right before the world flipped upside down. Welcome Tim Walker, Senior Graphic Designer!

Tim Walker

Tim is originally from Phoenix, Arizona, but we would call him more of a world traveler. Most days you’ll hear him tell a good story about his time in Sydney, Australia from the cool cafes he spent time in to the awesome people that he met. (We’re all pretty jealous of him).  

Tim has been a part of the media and marketing design arena for over 10 years. His previous work includes a wide range of clientele, including graphics and marketing for Top 100 bands, global non-profit initiatives, as well as local businesses and entrepreneurs.

“I’m passionate about delivering cutting edge design, with the goal of leading the trend in how business and marketing is presented to the end consumer,” said Tim Walker.

Through his eye for detail and passion for storytelling, Tim will bring the agency to whole new level of innovative design. 

“I am excited to have Tim as a member of the Creative Department,” said President Kate Morganelli. “When you meet someone who has a passion for creative design, along with the ability to understand the strategic side of marketing, you snatch that person up!” 


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