Did You Touch My Facebook Business Page?

Facebook Takes It Upon Themselves To Cut Out Some Information For You

Starting September 1st, some of you may experience a cut down in the information on your Facebook business page. If you’re an administrator on your business page then you most likely saw a few notifications popup while logged into your account; warning you that some sections in your About section on Facebook would be going away. The message urged you to look over the sections that would be disappearing and asked that you try to fit in that information somewhere else.


What Sections Were Removed?

Good question. In Facebook’s effort to cut down on the amount of data it’s collecting from their users, it decided to cut some of the information stored in your company page. Those sections that were impacted include the following:

  • Mission
  • Company Overview
  • Biography
  • Affiliation
  • Personal Interests

What Impact Does The Removal Of These Sections Have on My Business Page?
You shouldn’t experience any major impact by the disappearance of these sections. Facebook had done enough research to see that these areas were either underutilized or unnecessary when it came to the business page profile. And we must agree with them, as we manage many Facebook business pages for various clients and the sections that were removed were more repetitive in nature than useful. For instance, the Mission and Company Overview were usually just shortened versions of the Company Description and the Biography section never really fit with an organization profile.


Next Steps

Although these changes aren’t going to dramatically shake things up when it comes to your Facebook Business Page optimization, it may be a good time for you to look at what sections you have filled out on there and how they can be improved.


If you’re not sure where to begin or would like an expert to review your profile, contact our team at Centipede Digital so that one of our social media experts can help you.