Local marketing helps you become a well-known name in your community and can help drive sales and brand awareness. Becoming well-known takes a lot more than just opening your business in town and throwing a sign on the door. Your community is going to need a little bit more from you to see you as a leader. Don’t worry we typed out a few actions that you can take to accomplish this goal of growing your business through local marketing.

  1. Be Active In The Community

There is something to be said about being an active member of your community, and when it comes to growing your own business, this can help you. So what do we mean by “be active”? Well, simply put, you should be attending local events, supporting local businesses in the area, keeping up to date in local news and meeting new people in your area. If you ever find yourself avoiding people and local events, then you aren’t showing local support, plus people will begin to forget who you are.

  1. Join Your Local Chamber of Commerce

We have been in business for many years, and whenever we meet a new business owner, we always ask if they have joined their local chamber. We are local to McKinney, TX and are proud members of the McKinney Chamber of Commerce. We haven’t met a single chamber that matches their support and value. As a local business owner, you should want to be a part of the entrepreneurial community in your backyard. At the simplest level, the chamber offers excellent marketing opportunities, such as directory listings and networking events. When you take advantage of your full membership, you open the door to endless possibilities. If you’re looking for a fantastic chamber to join, we sincerely do recommend signing up with the McKinney Chamber of Commerce.

  1. Host Events or Workshops

We know you’re busy running your own business but hosting an event or workshop in your community can drive new faces to your door. Events are significant, but we do suggest that you look into workshops (if they apply to your industry). Workshops are a great way to showcase your expertise and dedication to your community and your craft.

  1. Give Back

It is always a good idea to give back to your local community. We find that many of our clients in the restaurant industry do this part well. They host fundraisers where a percentage of sales goes to a local charity, cause or organization.

  1. Surround Yourself With Community Leaders

Have you ever heard the expression, ‘you are what you eat?’ Well then, you’ll understand that that concept applies to who you surround yourself with. If you surround yourself with thought leaders and innovators, then you ultimately become one too. Ideas amongst the group flow and bonds are formed. This could mean a respected and highly regarded group of people believe in you and your business.

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