How Brands Are Using TikTok

Tik Tok – Is it time for your brand to join?


TikTok has quickly become the leading destination for short mobile videos. Since its official release in 2016, Tik Tok has grown a substantial and devoted audience base. The social app contains looping videos and bizarre music montages made by users all over the globe.


What is TikTok?

In 2017, Bejing’s ByteDance acquired the app Musical.ly and later merged it with its app, TikTok in 2018. According to CNN, there are 1 billion active users on the platform. The application allows users to create and share 15-to-60-second videos.


Why Do People Love TikTok and Why Should Marketers Care?

People love video –that’s a fact! TikTok works because it is simple and easy to use. The videos are elongated and not square like Instagram, you scroll through videos by going up and down – no swiping or tapping needed. The app provides enormous range of sounds and filters to make even the most novice user look like a professional.


In recent years, brands have decided to join the craze and for some it was harder to see how they could fit themselves into the mix without standing out like a sore thumb! This year, we can say that some brands have really found their place on the social app and have gained new audiences and undeniable brand loyalty.


TikTok has become a great platform to get brand awareness (less for generating traffic or leads). Although it is easy for users of all ages, brands had to challenge their marketing teams to come up with engaging and quirky content since the app feeds on creative and fast-paced messaging. Some brands that have met the challenge and succeeded, includes:

  • Chipotle
  • NBA
  • Guess
  • San Diego Zoo


Should My Business Be On TikTok?

We would say yes since there is a growing number of people joining the popular app. However, it is another platform that needs content and attention so if you’re going to join, you better have content ready to go. Also, it depends on your target audience, of course, on how you approach the platform, and how creative you can be. It may not end up being a viable ad platform for your brand. We at Centipede Digital didn’t have a TikTok account prior to this post, but we just joined and will let you know how it works out. Are teenagers our target audience – no, but we are creative by nature, plus being a part of the phenomenon gives us insight into what is trending with this audience. We can take what we learn and what we see to influence what we are doing and what we can do for our clients.


If you are on TikTok, definitely follow us @centipededigital, plus if you have tried TikTok for your brand we would love to hear from you.