Facebook Business Page: How Many People Like My Posts? Facebook Is Not Loving Their Like Button As Much

For those of us in the United States, we may not have heard that Instagram has been toying around with the idea of hiding total Like counts on posts since their testing started in seven other countries. However, it seems that their testing has gone well, as now it is bleeding over into Facebook.

The removal of the “in your face” total Like counts on posts goes along with the company’s broader objective of changing the view of social platforms, as being all about competition, to being more about connecting with people and showing love.

Instead of seeing “Jim Jones and 13 others” Like a post, you will start to see “Jim Jones and others”. The key difference is the removal of that number before the word “others”. Does that mean you will never really know how many people liked a particular post? No. That information is still available, but it just takes an extra click to get the full list.

Does Facebook Really Care About Your Feelings?

You would be silly to think that Facebook truly cares about your feelings being hurt when your “Like” count is low on a post. Facebook is a business and what do businesses need to survive? Capital! Let’s put this into perspective…

If users start to avoid posting on Facebook because they start going “what’s the point of posting, I don’t get any Likes any way!” then that means LESS active and engaged users. If Facebook’s audience starts to diminish then so does their audience for advertisers. According to Investopedia “Facebook made more than $40 billion in revenue in 2017, approximately 89 percent of which came from digital advertisements.” See where there might be a problem here?

Do These Pending Changes Impact Your Success on Facebook?

The changes being made to hide the number of actual Likes isn’t going to hurt your business Facebook page; however, what you should take out of all of this is that perhaps your brand needs to look at another platform to get its message out as you don’t want to wait until there is no one left on the platform to try figuring it out. 

What Other Social Platforms Should My Business Be On?

Good question and somewhat hard to answer without knowing you and your business. However, your business could be utilizing any of these popular platforms:

  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Tik Tok
  • Snapchat
  • LinkedIn

Give our team at Centipede Digital a call so we can guide you through what would work best for your business.