Don’t set yourself up to fail. A blog can grow your audience and keep your brand top of mind; however, when you blog just to blog you could be doing yourself a disservice.

When we talk to our clients about the importance of blogging, their usual response is that they don’t have time to come up with topics, write posts, and promote the blog post across multiple social channels. Our response is usually that we can take care of all of that for them; however, for those who are trying to conquer this task on their own we have some pointers for you:

1. Don’t spend more time coming up with topics than actually writing the content. If it takes you three hours to come up with the topic for your blog post and only two hours to create it then something is wrong! Start creating a list of topics as you think of things, hear things, see things that may spark an idea. This will help you when it comes to sitting down and writing content since you’ll have a laundry list of things to choose from.

2. Don’t force content. Remember what your mom used to say “if you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything at all.” This statement has a similar stance when it comes to blog writing. Forced content is not worth your time. When content is forced, it comes off as uninformative, irrelevant and boring.

3. Turn it into a blog post. You definitely have similar conversations with customers over and over again so instead of repeating yourself over the phone or through email, how about you turn it into a blog post? For example, let’s say you own a chiropractic practice and customers (current or potential) are always asking you ‘what are the benefits of chiropractic care?’ You then provide a list of reasons why chiropractic care is important via phone or email. Wouldn’t it be better to direct customers to a blog post with all the benefits listed out? Yes, yes it would be! When those customers land on that blog post, they can then poke around your site and learn more about you, your brand and the products/services you offer. Plus, you become the topic expert and it validates your brand in the mind of the customer.

4. Be consistent. Have you ever started a diet and then stopped after two weeks, how did that work out for you? Not so well, right. Blogging is the same way. You can rock it for two weeks and publish a bunch of posts, but then once you give up don’t expect to keep your rock star status. Blogging should be well thought out and a plan needs to be in place. If you can only handle one post a week then set that standard and follow through. As you get better at it, then start to increase the frequency.

If after reading this, you still feel like you don’t have time to take blogging on then contact Centipede Digital and we will handle it for you. Give us a call at 972.521.6002 or complete the contact form below.