Are you and your team trying to figure out if you should hire a marketing agency? It’s a tough decision to make, and you definitely want to make sure you make the right decision.

We can guide you on what benefits you receive when you hire a marketing agency and perhaps that will help you with your decision; however, if you want to talk more about it then give us a call at 972.521.6002.

A marketing agency can help you as your business grows, in order to handle the increase in marketing efforts and they can also help when your business is struggling, and you need to step-up and make changes. Either way, here is a brief list of the benefits of hiring an agency…

  1. No Onboarding. No Training.

The hiring of a new employee can be a tedious process and it can take away from you performing your other duties. You don’t need to spend time and money on on-boarding, training and management of a marketing agency.

  1. A Team of Experts.

A marketing agency has several people who have talents that range across different marketing skills (i.e. website development, creative design, marketing strategy, social media, etc.). These experts work on different aspects of your brand, which wouldn’t be necessarily what you would get when you build your own in-house marketing team. Getting that level of expertise would cost you a lot and would be hard to track down.

  1. An In-House Marketing Team Costs More.

We get asked by business owners about what the price difference is between building their own in-house marketing team versus hiring an external marketing agency and the truth is that an in-house team can cost you more! I know you’re thinking that that can’t be possible, but it is! With an in-house marketing team, you have to pay individual salaries, benefits, payroll taxes, and all the expense that goes into the tools, resources, equipment and space for them to do their job. An external marketing team is fully functioning and does not need any of those things from you!

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