Don’t hire just another vendor. Hire a partner.

When hiring a marketing agency, you should look at their core values and culture. Gathering this type of information will give you an inside look into what kind of relationship you will have. Avoid agencies that seem cold and uninterested in collaborating. Look for agencies that have a personality and reflect energy in all that they do. The last thing you want to do is hire an agency that doesn’t mesh with your business goals and team members.


Avoid a long list. Keep it short and focused.

When choosing a marketing agency, your list of contenders shouldn’t be similar in length to that of a grocery list. You should have a pretty good understanding of what you are looking for and what you are trying to accomplish. We recommend having about 3 to 4 agencies to choose from. You should speak to each contender at least once and then narrow down your choice once more.


Don’t make it all about the price.

Price is definitely an important factor in your decision-making, but it shouldn’t be the main reason to choose or to not choose an agency. Often the expression ‘you get what you pay for’ rings true when it comes to agencies. When you haggle over dollars and cents, it could result in a downgrade in service and quality of output. Keep in mind that you are looking to hire a team of experts who are going to grow your business, so avoid being consumed with a price.


Team Allocation.

Often with large agencies, the person you communicate with during the sales process is not the same person who is going to be responsible for doing the day-to-day work. Make sure you get a good sense of the team and don’t be afraid to ask who your main contact will be if you decide to go with that agency.


Ask to see what’s behind the curtain.

In today’s environment, it is easy for some marketing agencies to impress potential clients with the latest and greatest techniques and technologies, but oftentimes those can be fleeting. In order to avoid this trap, you should ask the agency what processes they have in place, what experience they have bridging traditional marketing with new-age online marketing practices.


Still not sure what to do, give Centipede Digital a call and we will help answer any questions you might have.