What is Local Listing Management?

The internet has made people’s daily activities more comfortable, including decision making. How many times have you googled “restaurants near me” on your phone? Online directories and search engines have made it easy for one to locate any restaurants, shopping malls, or banks, basically, almost all businesses around them.

A recent study conducted showed that about 80% of consumers make “near me” searches on their phones. It is because of this reason that businesses should have listings in directories, websites, and social media sites, which appeals to the need for local listing services. But first, it is important to understand what local listing management entails.


What is local listing management and what does it entail?

Local listing management can be defined as the practice of ensuring business details are regularly updated and maintained across websites, online directories, and social media sites. The more platforms the business is listed, the higher the probability of a customer locating the business. This is because customers have different preferences regarding search engines or social media platforms they use.

Management of listings entail local marketing of a business’ name, address and contact information using online directories such as Google, Facebook or Apple Maps. For most businesses, additional information like operating hours, photographs of the business’ premises and description of the products and services they offer are included in the listing. It ensures that a business’ listing is kept up to date in the event the business changes its location, phone number, or any other detail affecting the business. .

Accuracy is a very crucial element of listing management, for it determines a customer’s experience and the likelihood of a business listing appearing in search results. Online directories such as Google can withhold a business listing from appearing in search results in case the information in the listing contains any discrepancies or is not credible. Ensuring that a customer can trust the information on the listing whenever they need it is also essential for a positive customer experience.


How it works.

There is software that businesses can use to control their listing. The software enables the business to send its listing from a central location to all platforms accessed by customers. It also sends the information to data aggregators that publish the listings found in local search results.

Businesses that lack the budget for the software have the option of using local listing services, which are equally effective and affordable. These services involve digital local marketing agencies that provide listing management of businesses. A significant advantage of listing services is that they are reliable. Software can become outdated due to rapidly changing technology or break down, making them unreliable.

As listing management providers, at Centipede Digital we believe that running your business should be your priority. This is why we make work easier for you by taking care of marketing your business. We offer local listing services at affordable rates and to help drive more customers to your business.