As a business owner, you know that you spend a lot of money marketing your business every day. But do you really know what is working and what you may be wasting your marketing dollars on?

First, let’s briefly describe what call tracking is. In a nutshell, call tracking is a method used by business owners/marketers to track the sources of the phone calls of potential customers. With call tracking, you use a bunch of different phone numbers that automatically forward to the business phone number that you want to receive the calls.

Call tracking can help you collect and analyze customer data to increase and improve sales. Here’s how:

  1. Measuring overall marketing ROI– you may have a print ad running, a digital ad running, and a social ad running throughout a quarter and it’s important to understand where all the calls are coming from. With call tracking, you are able to assign different call tracking numbers to the different campaigns running. Then you can pull a report to see where calls are coming from.
  2. Call Recording– the ability to listen to your customer firsthand is one of the most effective ways to not only get to hear your sales team during the selling process, but to hear from your customer! Call Recording will allow you to train salespeople on their selling skills, and to get a better idea of what customers ask and are interested in.
  3. Dynamic Number– This feature is pretty awesome! It automatically assigns specific phone numbers to visitors based on their source, allowing you to accurately attribute where your calls are coming from. According to our current provider, CallRail, “Even when your visitor leaves your website and comes back at a later date, they’ll continue to see that same phone number. Whether it’s a PPC ad or an organic search, you’ll always know which sources are driving phone calls.”

Bottom line, if you’re running any type of marketing campaign, you should be using call tracking numbers. This will ensure you can attribute all those leads! At Centipede Digital, we stress the importance of using call tracking numbers.