Photography Can Grow Your Business

There are many reasons why there is an importance of photography in marketing. If you were looking at an agency website, just curious on what they offer, what would you think if you didn’t see any photography? What would you think if you saw photography, but it was mediocre? Would you want to get involved with that agency?

It is no doubt that photography is booming. Companies are coming out with different cameras and everyone has a different eye, which makes the importance of photography in marketing so unique. We are all familiar with social media and how you can do just about virtually anything. Visual communication has reached an all time high because of how popular digital and social media marketing has become. Photography is important in Marketing because it can pull a whole brand together. Using high quality images can boost sales.

We wanted to understand this concept from the point of view of our very own Creative Manager, who is a professional photographer. Let’s hear from Heather Meifert:

“Heather why is photography important in marketing?”

Heather responded…

High-quality photography grabs attention. A good photograph can go viral within seconds. Visual elements increase the readers willingness to read the content by a staggering 80%. Would you want to read something that had no photographs if it was extremely interesting? If you don’t look interesting, you’ll look cheap and people won’t take your agency seriously.

Photography can increase engagement. Let’s be straight forward, a photograph is much more entertaining than some text slapped on to a page. It has been shown that Facebook campaigns that contain quality pictures generate 65% more engagement than just text. Same goes for twitter, as tweets with pictures gain on average 35% more engagement than those with only words.

Improves understanding: If I don’t know much about a brand, product or service, I’m going to trust that the accompanying photo will show me what I’m trying to learn about.

Influences emotion: Captivating photography drives emotional responses to the brand.

They drive sales: The more important thing that Photography in Marketing can do is drive sales which is extremely important in the agency world. Using high quality images in marketing can grow sales. People want to see interesting content. When people see beautiful photos, they are going to want to find out more. This is why it is important for high quality images to be used so the client can picture themselves with your agency and what you can do for them.

Improves nonverbal communication:  Gathering a well-thought out photo and with great text that explains what is, is a great way to capture the imagination of the future client.

You can easily establish brand identity by your photos. Brand identity is visible elements of the brand. This can include the logo, colors and main design. The best way to communicate about your brand is to use photos the relate to the colors and design.  It’s important that you are working with your Creative Director or Creative Manager because they know their company more than anyone else. They understand the company personality and how to perceive it. You can establish a good relationship on what photos can and should be used but this all comes down to one key thing, your photographer. Try to stay away from stock photography. Anybody can look that up. People want to see the real thing not something of the imagination.

Believe or not, photos speed up brain activity. Instead of having to read something you can simply look at a photo, so the client understands faster. Comparing to other forms of data, using photos makes the customer appreciate the product, brand or service more.

Photographs have been proven to be quite popular in marketing, but remember not just any photo will do. You have to have a photo(s) that will pull in your potential customer. They should tell a story of your brand, who you are and why a potential customer should go with you. A client will not want to do business with you if you have poor quality photos on your website or in your marketing pieces. Photography is a luxury in the real world and in the marketing world. You want to invest in a quality agency that can do photography, like Centipede Digital, who can get the job done.