Legal Marketing and Your Practice

Heading a law firm is a big thing these days. That’s why law firm marketing is just as big a thing. If you want your legal practice to get ahead in today’s competitive climate, then you should put energy into everything from content marketing and search engine optimization to website design and pay-per-click or PPC advertising. Centipede Digital is a full-service digital agency that specializes in law firm websites, law firm SEO, pay per click marketing and more. If you’re serious about law firm success in 2020 and beyond, then putting time into these legal marketing suggestions can be a game-changer for you.

Prioritize Top-Notch SEO Practices

First-class SEO approaches can do a lot to get your law firm attention. That’s because they can pave the way for enhanced search engine rankings. If you want to get to a potential client using Google, Bing or Yahoo, then our assistance with SEO can go a long way. We can help you organically secure higher amounts of backlinks. We can help you put together content that’s unparalleled in caliber. We can even give you in-depth assistance with calls to action that actually work.

Our team members know how to meticulously research keywords of all kinds. They can help you take advantage of pertinent keywords that can empower the members of your target audience to locate your site rapidly and easily.

Zero in on Identity Branding

Identity branding is a big part of legal marketing. Law firms are like many other businesses out there in that they have to brand themselves effectively. If you fail to brand your legal practice, then you may risk your audience members not connecting with it. Your branding has to make your practice’s identity 100 percent clear. It’s not only crucial to establish a rock-solid brand for your firm. That’s because you have to make sure it’s consistent across all channels. You need to maintain brand harmony on your legal firm website, your blog and all of your social media presences. It’s essential to utilize images, text, video clips and design elements as a means of illustrating your firm’s distinctive identity to the entire world.

Give People First-Class Content

Strong content is a major element of law firm marketing glory these days. If you want to attain and maintain devoted clients, then you need to offer them solid content that they cannot find elsewhere, period. If you present your site visitors with A+ content on a consistent basis, they’ll return to you time and time again. It can help to give your site visitors an abundance of content options, too. This can be beneficial for getting more traffic. It can be beneficial for strengthening your keyword rankings considerably as well.

It’s vital to understand that A+ content isn’t always the same. If you put together an in-depth FAQs section on your law firm website, that can be an example of strong content. If you pen an informative and updated blog consistently, that can be another example of excellent content. If you’re all about taking Google’s Search Engine Results Page by storm, then you need to zero in on five-star content. Outstanding content can make all of your SERP wishes quickly come to fruition.

Our digital agency can help you delve into all of the thrilling content pathways that are on hand for your law firm. We can talk to you at length about site copy, email newsletters, blog pieces, whitepapers and posts on social networks such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. These elements operate individually and harmoniously as a means of spreading the word about your law firm and all of its offerings. Remember, you don’t necessarily have to rely on every single content option that exists. It can help, however, to rely on numerous categories for optimal results.

If you share amazing content with your target audience members, you can highlight your proficiency. You can revel in victories and debut your specialties to everyone as well. We can help you put together and share content that was researched thoroughly. We can help you put together content that’s concise and simple to read and grasp, too. We know just how problematic information that’s passé can be. That’s why we can help you with content that’s fresh and 100 percent pertinent.

Take Advantage of Video Clips

Images have the ability to strengthen identity branding for legal practices. Video clips, though, can take things to entirely new levels for them. If you want your firm to be able to land promising new clients, then you should share video clips with your target audience members frequently. Video is effortlessly captivating. It you post video clips on your firm’s site and on its social media accounts, then you may be able to rapidly establish connections with possible clients. If you post a video clip up on your Facebook page, it may make your followers feel like you’re talking to them face-to-face in the comforts of their own homes. That’s how it may help give you a vibe of credibility that’s rare and reassuring simultaneously. Videos can do a lot for law firms that want to be able to bond with their clients. They offer senses of humanity and warmth.

Try to Secure Reviews for Your Law Firm

Reviews have long been a major aspect of law firm marketing. If you’re interested in doing something positive for your firm’s Internet presence, then you should try to secure as many positive reviews for it as you can. It can be a terrific idea to ask previous clients if they can post reviews of your legal practice. You can even ask them to rate it online. Reviews on Yelp, Google and elsewhere can be extremely helpful to law firms that are trying to gain significant and meaningful traction. Don’t forget just how critical online reviews can be for people who are on the lookout for world-class lawyers. People understandably want to give their time, money and energy to attorneys and legal aficionados in general who are seasoned, dependable, thorough and courteous. If you want your target audience members to be able to have a lot of confidence in your practice, then the more Internet reviews you have, the merrier.

Test Out PPC Advertising

Marketing that’s organic can be a lifesaver for law firms. If you want to try something that can work in conjunction with this kind of marketing, then you should test out PPC advertising. This type of advertising can be terrific for law firms that are all about SERP achievement. It’s an advertising approach that can pave the way for speedy outcomes, too.

If you want people in your area to be able to easily and rapidly come across your law firm site, then you should explore pathways like Google AdWords. If you’re interested in an economical and effective PPC advertising route, then Google AdWords may be ideal. We can help you learn so much about Google AdWords, Facebook advertising and more.

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