One of the best ways to convert website users into prospective customers for your law firm is with Google AdWords. Many firms understand how important it is to attract clients with Google AdWords. In fact, Google’s advertising business brings in tens of billions of dollars for the company every year.

Advertisements are increasingly dominating the search results page. And by utilizing paid traffic smartly, you can successfully supplement organic SEO traffic too.

With that said, you need to understand how to use Google AdWords to your advantage. Just because it’s effective doesn’t mean that you’ll automatically start seeing conversions.

In this article, we’ll go over the top tips and tricks for Google Adwords for lawyers. So keep on reading and we’ll walk you through everything you’ll want to know!

1. Focus on Long-Tail Keywords

Don’t even think about relying on keywords like “attorney” and “lawyer.” These are single-word “head terms.” They’re unbelievably expensive and only the biggest law firms are going to be able to afford those spots.

When you’re too general on Google AdWords, you’ll end up wasting a lot of money. However, there are a bunch of other opportunities where you can successfully exploit keywords.

Your focus should be on “body” keywords and long-tail keywords. These incorporate more than just one single word in a search.

When you target long-tail keywords, you want to make sure that you’re as specific as you can be. This will boost your chances of attracting prospective clients who are interested in your specific services. It’s also going to make the terms that you’re competing for much more attainable.

Your keywords should be niche and specific. You want to think about buyer intent. Consider the practice areas that generate the most revenue for your firm.

2. Get Aggressive with Negative Keywords

When it comes to Google AdWords for law firms, it’s crucial that you understand what negative keywords are. A negative keyword is a term that you do not want your ad to show up for.

For example, your negative keywords might include states and cities that you don’t practice in, words like “free” or “cheap,” and terms that are related to colleges and scholarships. These are all things that might not be relevant to your firm or things that you don’t want to be associated with.

You want good leads who are likely to turn into paying customers. You don’t want to waste money on certain searches that aren’t going to lead anywhere.

3. Use Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) in Your Ad Copy

A Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) is an advanced AdWords feature. As the name implies, it inserts your keywords dynamically into your ad text so that it can match the search terms of a customer. It essentially customizes your ad in order to match the search query.

If you have several keywords in an ad group, then DKI will let you have one generic ad to serve all of these keywords. This means that one ad can have several variations. Each ad will appear differently depending on what the user searched.

DKI can be very useful at optimizing your ad campaigns and it’s also fairly easy to utilize. However, it’s also an advanced feature that you only want to use sparingly. That’s because it does require a bit of specialized knowledge of Adwords before it can be successfully implemented.

4. Bid on Your Own Branded Terms

Even if you already rank in SERPS for your own branded terms, that doesn’t mean that you also shouldn’t advertise for these search terms too. If you don’t bid on your own terms, then one of your competitors can put your firm’s name in their ad groups and steal your customers. When it comes to Google Ads trends for law firms, this is a popular one.

Bidding on your own branded terms should be a slam dunk for your conversions.

5. Separate Your Ad Groups by Theme

Unfortunately, there are still many law firms out there that group all of their ads and keywords together in one big ad group. This means that everyone is going to see the same ad, no matter what term they search.

The design of AdWords allows law firms to set up different ad groups for different kinds of keyword themes. It’s important that you use this feature in order to separate your keywords based on the intent of your audience. It also makes it easier to manage your ad campaigns and makes them more effective.

Basic AdWords optimization allows an ad to match the keyword that’s being searched. This makes it more likely that the right clients are going to click through. You’ll be able to achieve this if you separate your ad groups by theme.

6. Use ‘Single Keyword Ad Groups’ for Your Best Performing Keywords

  • Single Keyword Ad Groups are just what they sound like. These are ad groups that only have one keyword.
  • Your highest performing keywords are prized assets. They have high conversions, high search numbers, and a high-quality score.
  • When you isolate single keywords, you’ll have a greater level of control over the ad copy that’s activated by a keyword.

The Importance of Knowing These Tips for Google Adwords for Lawyers

Hopefully, after reading the above article, you now understand some of the top tips for Google AdWords for lawyers. As we can see, Google AdWords can be extremely effective at converting prospective clients when used properly.

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