Content Marketing – Is It Worth All The Fuss?

Fuss Away, It Will Pay Off

Is content marketing really worth all the effort? For instance, you take the time to create a blog post and push it out on Facebook, but maybe five people read it and it has little engagement, should you pull the plug on creating new content? No, in our expert opinion we say keep on creating content.


Is Content Really King?

Content marketing used to be something you could choose to do to set yourself apart from the competition and now it has become something you must do to get on top. Each brand has a plethora of valuable and relevant content that can act as the connector between the company’s audience and the brand.


What Are The Advantages of Content Marketing?

Content marketing builds trust with your audience, as that ultimately promotes a positive brand reputation. Creating quality content can keep your brand top of mind and place you as the subject matter expert in the eyes of your audience. This could lead to an increase in brand awareness and act as a lead generator.


Content Marketing Can Be Influential

The best way to show you how influential content marketing can be is to give you some facts:

  • After reading recommendations on a blog, 61% of online consumers in the U.S. then decided to make a purchase – Content Marketing Institute
  • Inbound marketers are able to double the average site conversion rate (from 6 to 12%), in part due to their content marketing efforts – HubSpot

Content marketing opens the doors to opportunity and gives a brand an edge in the digital realm. The point of content marketing is to educate the consumer so that they can make an educated purchasing decision.


What is Visual Content and Why Is It Important?

It’s pretty simple, visual content is just that, content that has a visual element to it. That could mean the use of photographs, infographics, video, or gifs both on and offline. Humans are visual, in fact, 50% of our brain is involved in visual processing. This means that when you include visual elements into your marketing mix and messaging, people are more included to remember it then if there were no visuals. Now that doesn’t mean that you should just slap something together so that you can check the box that you included a visual, your visuals have to be relevant to your brand and to your audience.


Content Marketing Can Help With Search Engine Optimization

Content marketing does a lot for a brand, but the impact it can have on an organization’s search engine optimization (SEO) is priceless. Creating content is an effective technique to improve SEO due to the following:

  • More pages on your website, means more pages for search engines to index
  • More content on your website means that you’re giving your audience more reasons to stay on website
  • Quality content that captures keywords and phrases, can help raise you up in search results

Content marketing takes time to complete and when you’re trying to run your business, time is not something you have much of. Centipede Digital can help with your content marketing strategy, contact our team today to help you with this so that you can go back to doing what you do best — running your business.