1. Keep Your Text Short and Sweet

Whether it’s a graphic or a caption, your text should draw the viewer in and make them want to read the entire post – or better yet, click around! Captions should be enticing, while providing the reader with the information they need to keep them interested. Minimal text, maximum curiosity!

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2. Keep It Interesting

Posts on your feed should be designed to grab a viewer’s attention. When someone is scrolling through their feed, you only have a split second of time that your content is on their screen, and they decide whether they want to stick around or keep it moving. That split second can either turn someone into a customer – or a missed opportunity.

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3. Ask Questions

Start a conversation with your audience. Posing a question prompts people to give their input on your post, boosting engagement in return. This is also a great strategy for getting to know your audience, as well as receive genuine input that can be used in your marketing strategies.

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4. Represent Your Brand

It is important to make sure that your posts are cohesive, and they look like, well, yours. Brand awareness is the key to building a strong brand and a solid customer base. Logos, fonts, and colors should be consistent and always incorporated in some way. Never miss an opportunity to advertise for yourself!

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5. Include A Call To Action

Have a clear call to action in your posts. Now that you’ve got a potential customer’s attention, tell them what they should do next! Do they send you a message? Subscribe to an email list? Follow a link to your website? Without a call to action, your posts can fall flat and result in missed opportunities for further engagement and potential business.

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Effective Facebook Content Creation

Hopefully these tips got you thinking about ways to generate interesting and engaging content with your Facebook fans! If you’re still feeling like you need help, contact us at Centipede Digital® today.